Graduate Students

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Christopher Adams, Classics graduate student

BA, Vassar College; MA, UC Berkeley
7227 Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: Latin Literature; Roman History; Erotic Elegy and Gender

Samantha Alford, Classical Archaeology graduate student

B.A. 2012 University of California, Berkeley

Special interests: Bronze Age Aegean, Cult and Ritual

Ian Anderson, Classics graduate student

BA Classics and Philosophy, Columbia, 2009; MA Greek, Berkeley, 2012
359A Dwinelle Hall

Justin Boner, Classics graduate student

B.A. (Classics) New College of Florida, 2009; M.A. (Classics) U.C. Berkeley, 2012.
7226 Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: Archaic Greek Cultural History; Greek Literature (Homeric Hymns, Lyric, Herodotus); Greek Epigraphy; Anthropology of Language; French Theory.

Aaron Brown, Classical Archaeology Graduate Student

B.A. (Classical Archaeology & Latin) Florida State University, 2013

Special interests: Roman and Italic art, archaeology, and visual culture

Christopher Churchill, Classics graduate student

BA Wesleyan University (2000); MA UCB (2006)

Special interests: Latin literature (especially Augustan poetry, as well as Latin epic more broadly); Roman history and historiography

Stefani Dixon, Classics graduate student

B.A. Classics, CUNY Brooklyn (2010), M.A. Latin, UC Berkeley (2012).
7227 Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: Latin Elegy, Roman Satire, Gender/Sexuality, Postcolonial reception of the Classics in Caribbean and Latin American literature, pedagogy and diversity in contemporary Classical education.

Sasha-Mae Eccleston, Classics graduate student

B.A. (Greek, Latin, Literary Arts) Brown University, M.Phil. (Greek and Latin) Oxford

Special interests: Latin literature (esp. Ovid, Apuleius, and Petronius), The Ancient Novel and the Second Sophistic, Literary Theory, Popular Culture and the Classics, Translation of the Classics, Contemporary Poetry

Daniel Esses, Classics graduate student

B. A. Vassar College (2009); M.A. UC Berkeley (2012)

Special interests: Ancient philosophy, especially Plato; cultural and intellectual history; literature as philosophy/ philosophy as literature; rhetoric, especially on the varieties of irony, ambiguity and theorizing of genre(s).

Seth Estrin, Classical Archaeology graduate Student

B.A. (Classics and Art History) University of Toronto, 2008. MSt (Classical Archaeology) Merton College, Oxford, 2009. MA (Classical Archaeology), UC Berkeley, 2011.

Special interests: Greek and Roman art, archaeology, and visual culture (with special focus on Archaic and Classical Greece). Minoan wall painting; emotion and agency in Greek art; theories of style and naturalism; text and art (epigrams, ekphrasis); 18th/19th c. reception.

Marilyn Evans, Classical Archaeology graduate student

B.A. Hons. in Classics and Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland (2003), M.A. in Classics, University of Georgia (2006)

Special interests: Greek and Roman art and archaeology; early Rome, especially archaic Rome and Latium; death and burial in Roman antiquity; urbanization; Roman history and historiography; Roman North Africa.

Lynn Gallogly, Classics graduate student

B.A. Wellesley College, 2012

Marissa Henry, Classics Graduate Student

Molly Horne, Classics graduate student

BA Greek and Latin, UCLA, 2012

Special interests: Latin prose literature, especially historiography

Morgan E. Hunter, Classics graduate student

BA (Latin and Greek), Santa Clara University, 2011

Special interests: Tragedy, comparative philology, Greek philosophy, Late Antiquity

Morgan King, Classics graduate student

B.A. Carleton College 2011
359A Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: Latin literature; reception studies; Late Antiquity

Rachel Lesser (rlesser), Classics graduate student

B.A. Classics, Columbia (2006); B.A. Classics and English, Oxford (2008), M.A. Classics, UC Berkeley (2009)

Special interests: Greek and Latin poetry, erotics, Victorian and Modernist English literature, reception studies

Virginia Lewis, Classics graduate student

BA University of Pennsylvania 2004; MA University of Georgia 2007

Special interests: Pindar, archaic Greek poetry, Homer and the epic tradition, Greek tragedy, myth and religion

Mark McClay, Classics graduate student

B.A. St. John's College (2009), Post-Baccalaureate UCLA (2009-2010)
7227 Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: Greek drama, Greek religion; ancient scholarship, history of classical scholarship

Derin McLeod, Classics graduate student

BA Yale University (2008); MPhil Cambridge University (2009); MA UC Berkeley (2010)
359A Dwinelle Hall

Kevin Moch, Classics graduate student

A.B. Princeton University 2010

Special interests: Roman literature and culture; the epic tradition; elegy; intertextuality; Indo-European linguistics; etymology

Sarah Olsen, Classics graduate student

BA (Classics and Comparative Literature) Wellesley College, 2008; MA (Classics) UC Berkeley, 2010

Special interests: Greek literature (esp. archaic poetry, drama, and the ancient novel), dance and performance, gender and sexuality

Anna Pisarello, Classics graduate student

BA, University of Chicago, 2004; MA, UC Berkeley, 2008

Special interests: Latin literature and culture; Roman historiography; narratology

Rachel Preminger, Classics graduate student

BA, Reed College 2006; MA UC Berkeley, 2009.

Special interests: Ancient Historiography, Roman Literature and Culture, Pedagogy.

Joel M. Street, PhD candidate

B.A., DePauw '07; M.A., Berkeley '09
7227 Dwinelle Hall

Special interests: genre and intertextuality; Greek literature and identity under Rome; spatial, temporal and kinetic metaphors; Greek and Latin pedagogy

Kelsey Turbeville, Classics graduate student

B.A. Wellesley College (2009)

Christopher Waldo, Classics graduate student

BA (Greek and Latin) University of Vermont, 2011

Special interests: Pindar, Archaic Greek Poetry, Indo-European Linguistics

Andrew Wein, Classics Graduate Student

Naomi Weiss, Classics graduate student

BA (Hons) Classics, University of Oxford, Somerville College (2006); MSt, University of Oxford, New College (2007); MA, UC Berkeley (2009)

Special interests: Greek tragedy, particularly Euripides; ancient music and dance; archaic Greek poetry; ancient ethnography

Elizabeth Wueste, Classical Archaeology graduate student

B.A. UCLA, Classical Civilizations, 2007; M.A. UC Berkeley, Classical Archaeology, 2009

Special interests: Roman archaeology and art history, Late Antique studies, honorific monuments, portraiture

Jessica Yao, Classics graduate student

A.B. Princeton University (2012)

Special interests: Latin literature, especially in its relationship to the Greek tradition and the adaptation of Greek models to Roman contexts; literary history; intertextuality and inter-poetic dynamics

Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Classics graduate student

A.B. Harvard University (2010); M.A. U.C. Berkeley (2011)

Special interests: Paleography, codicology, epigraphy, papyrology, Byzantine Greek and Medieval Latin literature

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