Undergraduate Opportunities for Research and Study Abroad

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Award Opportunities

The Library Prize for Undergraduate Research

The Library Prize competition is intended to honor the very best undergraduate papers from courses taught in departments across the campus. The deadline is in April of each year, and papers from courses taken in the previous summer or fall or the current spring are eligible. For additional information, eligibility guidelines, and application procedures, see http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/researchprize/index.html.

An announcement is circulated each fall and early spring to undergraduate majors. To apply for funding, students should write a letter of application to the Undergraduate Adviser, Trevor Murphy, 7233 Dwinelle Hall. The letter should explain the applicant's background in, connection to, or study of Classics and describe the proposed study, travel, excavation, etc. Students who have submitted a letter of application will be considered for all available grants and funding. Letters of application are due the first week of April. There is no special application form.

J. K. Anderson Travel Award

An award of at least $1500 to support an undergraduate in summer study and/or travel in classical lands, with preference given to undergraduate students of Classics and to attendance at summer programs offered by the American School of Classical Studies: Summer Session and the American Academy in Rome: Summer Program in Archaeology. The term "students of Classics" is meant to include not only declared majors, but also students of Greek, Latin, or Classics who have not (or not yet) declared a major in one of those fields.

The Dimitrios Vlahos Travel Award

An award to support summer study in Greece for an undergraduate student enrolled in the Department of Classics in the College of Letters and Science. To be awarded starting summer 2013 pending sufficient funds.

Classics Summer Study Abroad Award (CSSAA)

The Grant supports one student in pursuing some aspect of Classics while abroad during the summer. This could be travel, study, excavation, or a combination of these activities. The award is restricted to declared majors in the Department. One award of $1500 is made each year.

Study Abroad: Summer

American Academy in Rome

American Academy in Rome: Summer Program in Archaeology

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

American School of Classical Studies: Summer Session

Archaeological Field Schools and Projects

The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology and the Department of Classics now sponsor two archaeological field school programs through UC Berkeley Summer Sessions, one in Nemea and one in Mycenae, both led by Nemea Center Director Kim Shelton. For more information click on the links.

Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin

There is an on-line listing at http://www.archaeological.org/ (click on the fieldwork link)

Study Abroad: Academic Year

University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP)

Berkeley participates fully in the UC Education Abroad Program. There is no UC Education Abroad Program in Athens. There is one in Rome. Full details can be found at the UC Center Rome website. While there are also centers in other locations in Italy, none is particularly suited for study of classics and classical civilization, although all would have courses appropriate to the majors. We have also had a steady trickle of students studying at EAP centers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For the EAP web site specific to Berkeley's programs, see UC Berkeley Study Abroad Program.

Other Programs

There are three non-EAP programs, two in Athens and one in Rome:

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (Rome)

College Year in Athens

Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) (Athens)


Planning. Applications for these programs are due in late October of each year for study in the following academic year. Planning therefore needs to begin in the Spring semester before you plan to apply, and so a year before you plan to go abroad.

Costs. The UC Education Abroad Program plans its centers so that a Berkeley student can study abroad for about the same cost (tuition, fees, housing) that it would cost to remain at Berkeley. This estimate does not, of course, include additional expenses such as travel to and from the center, and other travel while abroad.

On the other hand, study in any other program can cost more than study in Berkeley. For example, the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, the premier study abroad opportunity for classics students, costs about twice what it costs to attend Berkeley, because it is a consortium based upon private colleges and universities, with the higher tuition costs that entails. But not all private programs are so expensive. For example, the College Year in Athens, because of the lower cost-of-living in Greece, actually costs the same or less than a semester at Berkeley.

Financial Aid for Academic Year Study Abroad

Classics Study Abroad Scholarship (CSAS). The Department has two grant programs available each year to help with the cost of study abroad.
1. Study in an EAP center. A grant is available to provide $1500 for travel in classical lands while abroad (if the center is near those lands).
2. Study in a non-EAP center. Such a center must be in a classical land (usually, but not necessarily, restricted to Italy and Greece). A grant is available to pay for the difference between tuition and housing of the nearest equivalent EAP center, if the private center costs more. A grant is also available to provide $1500 for travel in classical lands while abroad, even if the study center itself is not in a classical land.

In any given year, as many grants will be given out as resources allow. All questions about financial aid and all applications should be directed to the Undergraduate Adviser, Trevor Murphy, 7233 Dwinelle Hall. Applications are due the first week of April. The application may be downloaded from here.

Careers & Job Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Be an instructional assistant in this exciting summer program for academically talented pre-collegiate students.  Info at http://www.jhu.edu/gifted/summer/employment.html

Teach Latin!

National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week occurs each March: info at http://www.promotelatin.org/


Amphora is a new publication of the American Philological Association which runs items of general classics interest, and book reviews of popular novels set in the ancient world, and films (old and new) which do the same.  Check out the issues at the APA's Amphora page.