Graduate Programs: Funding Resources

It is the Department's aim to provide full funding for the top 4-6 students that it recruits each year. Initial support offers at Berkeley are usually framed as three- or four-year packages, but it has been true for almost two decades that students who make normal progress have had no problem receiving full support for the 6-7 years of their graduate program. One year of teaching is required of our graduate students, and teaching is combined with fellowship (and sometimes research assistantship) to provide the needed support. In fact, however, most Classics graduate students at Berkeley spend more semesters being supported by fellowships than by teaching assistantships.

In addition to fee payment and stipends for the academic years, there are several kinds of summer stipend available, and many students teach during the summer to acquire more diverse teaching experience for their dossiers. Moreover, there are departmental programs to support summer travel, study abroad, participation in conferences, and attendance at the annual meeting of the American Philological Association for placement purposes.

For more details about financial support of our students, see the relevant section of the online brochure for prospective applicants.

Heller Fund Grants

Support for Participation in Conferences

Placement Support