Graduate Programs: Classics

We offer a combined MA/PhD program in Classics. Most students are admitted after the BA and earn an MA on the way to the PhD, but a few students with an MA from elsewhere are admitted directly to the PhD program. We do not consider applications for MA work only.

The Graduate Program in Classics is designed to give a thorough preparation in the fundamentals of classical scholarship and to encourage intellectual enquiry and the development of original research according to the capacity and interests of the individual student. The holder of a Berkeley Ph.D. in Classics should be able to teach any lower division course in Greek or Latin, any upper division course in the language of special emphasis, undergraduate courses in classical culture and literature in translation, and graduate courses in at least one area in the language of special emphasis and/or in an area common to both languages.

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MA in Classics: Requirements (2011 revision)

PhD in Classics: Requirements (2011 revision)