Classics Courses offered in Berkeley Summer Sessions


Every year the Department offers a variety of courses in the Summer Sessions. These courses are available to students from other colleges and universities and members of the general public as well as to University of California students from Berkeley and other campuses.

The Language Workshops

For well over thirty years, the Berkeley Greek and the Latin Workshops have provided an effective way to learn the languages in an intensive course that covers the equivalent of more than two semesters of work and prepares the successful student to enter upper-division Latin or Greek courses. For more information see the Greek and Latin Workshop page.

Other Courses

In addition to the Workshops, the Department of Classics offers a variety of other courses in the Summer Sessions. Usually the offerings include lower-division lecture courses (with all readings in English) on topics such as Introduction to Greek Civilization, Introduction to Roman Civilization, Ancient Epic, Classics Myths, and Greek Tragedy; and a few Latin courses, such as the elementary sequence Latin 1 and Latin 2 and the third-semester course Latin 100.

Information about the actual offerings in a coming summer is available starting in the previous winter. Consult the Summer Sessions site using the link below, and later in the spring you may also find useful links for schedules and descriptions on our course page.

Useful Links

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