Faculty Honors

The Berkeley Classics Department is not only one of the largest Classics Departments in the US, but also one of the most distinguished. Thus, the Department boasts among its current faculty three winners of the Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit of the American Philological Associaton, our discipline’s highest award for best book in the field; six winners of the UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award, with Kathleen McCarthy (2007) and Andrew Stewart (2009) as the most recent recipients; eight winners of prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships; and two recipients of a MacArthur ("Genius") Award.

Recent Honors

Five recent retiring members have received the Berkeley Citation (the campus' highest award for distinguished faculty service): Stephen Miller, Robert Knapp, Ronald Stroud, Erich Gruen, and Crawford Greenewalt jr. See our News items on the presentation to Ron Stroud and on the presentation to Erich Gruen.

Three members have been selected to deliver Faculty Research Lectures during the recent past: Tony Long (2000) and Erich Gruen (2004) and Leslie Kurke (2010).

Dylan Sailor held a Rome Prize Fellowship in 2007-2008.

Other Noteworthy Honors

Endowed chairs are or have been held by the following members:
Leslie V. Kurke: Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature (2012-); previously Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Arts and Humanities (2007-2012)
Mark Griffith: Klio Professor of Classical Languages and Literature (for excellence in teaching of Greek language and literature) (2007-)
Erich S. Gruen: Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of History and Classics Emeritus (1986-2007)
Anthony A. Long: Irving G. Stone Professor of Literature (1991-)
Donald J. Mastronarde: Melpomene Professor of Classical Languages and Literature (for excellence in the teaching of Greek tragedy) (2001-)
Andrew F. Stewart: Nicholas C. Petris Chair in Greek Studies (2007-); previously Chancellor's Research Professor in Ancient Mediterranean Art and Archaeology (1998-2003)
Ronald S. Stroud: Klio Professor of Classical Languages and Literature Emeritus (for excellence in teaching of Greek history) (2001-2007)