Graduate Programs: Job Opportunities for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs)

The three Centers affiliated with the Department are often in need of Graduate Student Researchers during the academic year and during the summer. A few of these positions are half-time, providing full support, and others are at 25% time, enough to qualify the student for payment of fees by the research fund. In addition, Classics faculty often hire students to assist in their research work. Such jobs are generally arranged on an individual basis by the faculty member. If you wish to inquire about currently available positions, please leave your name and c.v. with the Student Affairs Officer.

Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs): academic year

The Department hires Graduate Student Instructors to fill about 32 positions per year (about 16 per semester). The application process takes place each spring, with a deadline in the second half of March. Most of the positions go to graduate students in Classics and AHMA and Comparative Literature, but applications are entertained from qualified students in other departments. For more information, please refer to the GSI policies and procedures document.

Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs): summer session

Applications are invited each fall for the positions of Director of the Greek Workshop, Director of the Latin Workshop, and instructor of several other courses that may be offered in the summer session of the following year. Applications are invited each February for the positions of assisting GSIs in the summer workshops (3 GSIs in each workshop). For more information, please refer to the GSI policies and procedures document.


Students who have just filed their dissertations are eligible to be hired as Lecturers. Lecturers are sometimes hired for summer session positions such as instructor of Latin 100 or Classics 28 and occasionally for academic-year teaching to replace faculty on leave. Qualified candidates should inform the Chair of their availability and interest by written letter.

Readers and Projectionists

The Department employs a few readers and projectionists each semester as hourly employees. Both undergraduates and graduate students may apply, but graduate students will usually be given preference for the position of Reader. Readers may be required in lower-divsion lecture courses such as Classics 10A, 10B, 28, 34, 35, 36 and rarely in upper-division courses. A poster inviting applications is distributed the week before classes begin each semester, and the deadline for application is 4 pm on the Friday of the first week of classes. The letter of application should be submitted to the chair and should contain the course(s) applied for, a description of the candidate's qualifications for the job, hours of availability, and contact information.

Projectionists are sometimes needed in courses such as Classics 17A, 17B, Classics 170, and Classics 175. The application process is the same as for Readers.

Slide Room Assistant

The Department sometimes funds an hourly employee who helps with reshelving of slides used in Classics courses. This work averages about 3 hours per week and the schedule is very flexible. The student works in Visual Resources Collection, 308A Library, under the supervision of its staff. Both undergraduates and graduate students may apply. The application process is the same as for Readers, but hiring usually takes place only in Fall Semester to cover the whole year.