Daniel Walin
Lecturer 2013-14

Greek and Latin literature; Greek and Roman drama; comedy
BA Baylor University 2006 (summa cum laude); MA UC Berkeley 2007; PhD UC Berkeley May 11, 2012

Group: Recent PhDs

Contact information

Office: 7216 Dwinelle Hall
Email: dwalin@berkeley.edu

Office hours: Fall 2013: M 11-12pm, W 2-3pm at Free Speech Cafe

Selected publications



Slaves, Sex, and Transgression in Greek Old Comedy (2012)

Committee: Profs. Mark Griffith (chair), Donald J. Mastronarde, Kathleen McCarthy, and Emily Mackil



"Cynthia Serpens: A Reading of Propertius 4.8." Classical Journal 105.2 (2009/10) 137-51.

"An Aristophanic Slave: Peace 819-1126." Classical Quarterly 59.1 (2009) 30-45.



"Silent and Boisterous Slaves: Considerations in Staging Pseudolus 133-234," to be presented at the 2013 annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, in collaboration with Chris Bungard in the panel "Beyond the OCT: Reflections on the NEH Institute on Roman Comedy in Performance"

"Chutra as a Vaginal and Uterine Metaphor in Greek Old Comedy," presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Philological Association

"Sex and Slave Bodies in Greek Old Comedy," presented at "Let's Get Physical: Sex and the Body in Antiquity," University of Wisconsin-Madison (October 2011)

"Hidden Greatness in Aristophanic Comedy," presented at "Great, Greater, Gloriosus: Constructions of Greatness and Delusions of Grandeur in Antiquity," University of Virginia (March 2011)

"The Slave as Author and Object of Humor in Aristophanes," presented at "Servi sunt: immo homines," University of Colorado-Boulder (November 2008)

"Reductio ad absurdum in the De Rerum Natura," presented at the 2006 annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South


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