J. Theodore Peña

Roman archaeology, ancient economy, material culture studies, text-based archaeology, pottery analysis
B.A. 1978 Wesleyan Univesity; M.A. 1981, Ph.D. 1987 University of Michigan

Group: Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

Contact information

Office: 7308 Dwinelle
Email: tpena@berkeley.edu
Office phone: (510) 643-8964

Office hours: Fall 2013: TBA

Selected publications

Roman pottery in the archaeological record (Cambridge 2007) The urban economy during the early Dominate: pottery evidence from the Palatine Hill (BAR-IS  784, 1999) “The mobilization of state olive oil in Roman Africa: the evidence of late fourth century (JRA suppl. 28, 1998) pp. 116-238.

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