Sasha-Mae Eccleston
Classics graduate student

Latin literature (esp. Ovid, Apuleius, and Petronius), The Ancient Novel and the Second Sophistic, Literary Theory, Popular Culture and the Classics, Translation of the Classics, Contemporary Poetry
B.A. (Greek, Latin, Literary Arts) Brown University, M.Phil. (Greek and Latin) Oxford

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Selected publications

Dissertation: Apuleius' Novel Narrative: Speech, Ethics, and Humanity in the Metamorphoses

M.Phil. Thesis: Navigating the Latin Novel (On Networks of Trust and Travel in Apuleius' Metamorphoses)

Undergraduate Thesis: Alluding to Loss (Analysis of Ovid's Tristia Bk. 3)

Personal statement

I am deeply committed to educational initiatives for students of color and maintain an interest in the sociology of higher education.