Elizabeth Wueste
Classical Archaeology graduate student

Roman archaeology and art history, Late Antique studies, honorific monuments, portraiture
B.A. UCLA, Classical Civilizations, 2007; M.A. UC Berkeley, Classical Archaeology, 2009

Contact information

Email: ewueste@berkeley.edu

Office hours:

Web site: http://berkeley.academia.edu/ElizabethWueste

Personal statement

I received my BA in Classical Civilizations from UCLA in 2007, and then my MA in Classical Archaeology at UC Berkeley in 2009.

I advanced to candidacy in 2012 and am currently completing a dissertation focusing on Late Antique honorific monuments in Asia Minor and their strategic and intentional political and social messages.  My research explores issues of costume, portrait style, religion, and the social tensions between imperial and provincial power structures by looking closely at the public honorific sculpture and epigraphy of the third through fifth centuries CE.  My hope is to explore the remaining physical evidence through archaeological, art historical, and cultural historical inquiries.

In addition to my research, I have also excavated at several Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sites in Italy, Greece, and Albania.  I originally arrived at grad school believing that I was interested in museum work, and certainly not the dirt and grime of excavations.  Instead, I now revel in the dirt and intend to dig as long as I have the opportunity!  My planned projects for the 2013 season will be the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia with the University of Cincinnati and Alba Fucens with the Universite de Libre Bruxelles.