Kore and Kritios Boy Casts Finally Arrive

November 19, 2012

With final restorations completed, the Department's casts of an archaic Kore and of the Kouros known as the Kritios Boy have been installed in Dwinelle Hall Lobby.

Two Greek statue casts installed in Dwinelle Lobby

The project to display some of the casts that the Department received a few years ago from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is described in an earlier story. Some sections of the Parthenon Frieze have been on display in Dwinelle Lobby since February 2011. The niches to hold casts of two famous free-standing statues required a little more work, and the casts themselves needed further restoration after suffering minor damage. With this work finally complete, the statues were installed on November 14.

Cast of Archaic Kore Statue from Athens

Cast of Kouros Statue (Kritios Boy) from Athens

Display Label for the Two Statues