Changes to Sather Lectures Schedule

May 28, 2008

After decades of presenting the Sather Lecturers on six successive Wednesdays at 8 pm, the Department faculty have decided to try something different. In Fall 2008 the lectures of Mary Beard will be given on Thursday instead, since that day is believed to be more convenient for colleagues from other institutions who may wish to attend.

The first lecture on October 2 will continue to be at 8 pm, as in the past, with a reception to follow. The location of the first lecture will be the Maud Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall.

The five remaining lectures, Thursdays from October 9 to November 6, will take place at 5:30 pm, with lectures 2 through 5 in 370 Dwinelle Hall and lecture 6 back in the Maud Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall. This earlier start will allow those who live at a distance to extend their usual stay on campus by a shorter time and to avoid a second trip back and forth to campus.