Emeriti Gallery Updated

September 17, 2007

The gallery of portrait photographs of retired professors that adorns the south wall of the seminar classroom (308C) has been expanded to accommodate the retirements of the past few years.

The Department began the display in this form in 1971 when the Classics seminar was reconfigured and remodeled.  The series began with Louis Mackay (retired 1968) and Arthur Gordon (1970) and reached the end of the first row in the 1990s when the early retirement programs brought several colleagues to emeritus status.

With the five retirements that have occurred since 2002, the question arose as to where to continue the gallery. This summer the Department gathered the new portraits, and the old portraits were moved to a higher level on the wall to make room for the future emeriti of the next twenty or thirty years.

The added emeriti are Leslie Threatte, Stephen Miller, Robert Knapp, Ron Stroud, and Erich Gruen.