Directions to UCB Classics

From the San Francisco airport:

Taking BART (the commuter train system) from San Francisco International Airport is now convenient. Follow the signs in the airport to the Bart Station (it is attached to the International Terminal; from other terminals you should take the AirTrain.) Obtain a ticket from a ticket machine, and take the first available train as instructed by the signs. BART recommends that for the Richmond Line (which stops at Berkeley station near campus) you transfer at Balboa Park Station. Sundays and late in the evenings there is no direct Richmond train from San Francisco, so you need to take a Pittsburg/Bay Point train instead and transfer at Oakland City Center/12th St. Station.

Or take a door-to-door van service (Super Shuttle, vel sim.). Exit the airport on the upper level, walk across the island. There will be people with walkie talkies who will ask your destination and put you in the correct van. You should expect to pay up to $30 (tip included). Cabs are exorbitant and not much quicker.

From Oakland airport:

Take BART. Near the baggage claim area, look for signs for the AirBART bus. The fare may be paid in cash, $2.00 exact change only. The AirBART bus takes you to the Colosseum Station. Board a Richmond line train, which will get you to the Berkeley Station.

Or take a door-to-door van service (Super Shuttle, vel sim.). A cab costs about the same and is not much quicker.

From Berkeley BART Station to campus and the department:

Exit Berkeley Station by central elevator to the street. Once at street level, orient yourself and take Center Street EAST (toward the hills, away from the bay) one block and you will see an entrance to campus at Oxford Street and Center. Cross Oxford and continue east, walking over a small bridge and through the eucalyptus grove, and you will come out on a wide walkway. Continue EAST (uphill, toward the campanile tower you will see in front of you) and enter the first building you come to on your RIGHT. This is the north entrance of Dwinelle. Proceed by elevator to level G. Leave elevator, turn left, then left again. The Department office is directly ahead, down the hall. The entire trip using BART will take about an hour on a weekday, longer on a weekend.

By car from the South Bay:

Take 101 North to San Mateo Bridge. After going over the bridge, get on 880 North. Then, make sure you get on 80 East from 880 North (don't take 80 West into San Francisco). Take 80 East to the University Avenue Exit. University Avenue dead ends at UC Berkeley.

By car from San Francisco:

Take the Bay Bridge. Staying on 80, follow the signs to Berkeley/Sacramento (stay in the left lanes when you come off the lower deck of the bridge into the open air). Get off 80 at the third exit, University Avenue. University Avenue dead ends at UC Berkeley.

A parking suggestion:

Take University all the way to Oxford Street. Make a right on Oxford, and proceed one block past the second traffic light (by this point Oxford become Fulton). Turn left on Durant, and drive up Durant several blocks to the garage that is on your right before you hit Telegraph—it has huge orange I-beams as earthquake retrofitting, so it is easy to spot. You can buy something (even a candy bar) from the neighboring stores and get your ticket validated so that your parking total is half off.

For those taking BART:

BART works on a zoning system: the farther you go, the more you pay. You need to buy a ticket in order to get access to the train platform. You need to have the minimum fare on your ticket to get past the gate; and you need your ticket to exit. You can find out how much you will need from the chart on the ticket machine—you are aiming to get to the Berkeley Station. Note that some machines do not give change.

The trains are labeled by the destination toward which they are going. Get on the Richmond train. If you are coming from San Francisco, and there is no direct Richmond train, get on the Pittsburgh-Bay Point train, and switch to a Richmond train at 12 Street Oakland City Center. Get off at the Berkeley Station. The campus is one block east of the station.

Finding Dwinelle Hall:

Dwinelle Hall is pretty much right in the middle of campus. See the campus map. Classics is on the seventh floor, marked as "G" in the elevators (don't ask!!...). The main office is 7233.

If you get lost..., during business hours, call (510) 642-4218 for help.